What Is Technology?

What Is Technology?


Technology is the process of producing a new product, process, or idea. Usually, this process occurs step-by-step, with each step validating underlying ideas and gaining more understanding of the process. It also tests the idea against reality and builds researchers’ confidence in the product. However, the development of technology is not always smooth sailing. It is common for early technologies to hit ‘death valley,’ where they stall and require sustained efforts to overcome.


Science and technology studies is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on the history and development of science and technology, and the consequences of these developments within historical, cultural, and social contexts. This interdisciplinary field examines the role that science has played in our everyday lives and how we view and interpret the world.


Educators of technology have been looking for ways to incorporate engineering into their curriculum for decades. One version is known as pre-engineering, which offers three course sequences from grade nine to twelve. The courses focus on the principles of engineering and design.

Combinatorial process

The combinatorial process in technology is a model that describes a process in which two or more components are combined to produce a new idea. The resulting idea then becomes a new technological component. A typical example is the light bulb, which is used to create other technologies like headlights, desk lamps, and spotlights. The process can be applied to other types of lightbulbs, too.


Goal-oriented technology is a programming paradigm that makes it possible to automatically build component-based systems. Goals are formalized as language constructs that are similar to generic procedure calls, in which a generic service has a name and an arbitrary number of typed parameters. For example, the high-level goal TeleConference(Victor, Steve) requires a teleconference link between two individuals named Victor and Steve.

Path to an end

A Path to an end is a goal or outcome that is achieved. For example, a person’s goal might be to build a new house. Then they can look around and see what is available. The Path to an end may also be called a happy path.

Impact on daily life

Despite the numerous benefits of technology, it is important to be aware of its potential negative effects. The overuse of social media and mobile devices can lead to eyestrain, and prolonged use may affect the ability to focus. In addition, too much use of technology can affect the health of children, whose brains are still developing.