What Is Entertaiment?

What Is Entertaiment?


Entertainment is the term used to describe the entertainment industry. It is commonly abbreviated as entmt, but the term encompasses more than simply entertainment. Frank Bellew, the author of The Art of Amusing Yourself, coined the term. His book is full of ribald descriptions and funny stories.

It can be a zoo

When visiting zoos, be sure to pay attention to animal welfare. Many zoo animals exhibit stereotypical behavior that could indicate poor welfare and stress. Animal welfare research is needed to determine how animals in zoos live and what causes these behavior patterns. Typical behaviors include head-bobbing, pacing, feather-plucking, and obsessive grooming.

In addition to providing entertainment, zoos are intended to educate people and to encourage conservation. Generally, zoos are regulated by governments. Urban zoos are usually located in the middle of cities, with limited space. Many zoo buildings are historic landmarks.

It can be a concert

A concert is an integral part of a musician’s vocation, a chance to share his or her artistic vision with an audience. According to one pianist, a concert is “a compulsion, a beautiful narcotic.” Music is created to be enjoyed by others, and it is through this shared appreciation that a musician can fulfill his or her purpose. The reason a musician performs should have less to do with his or her ego and more to do with his or her love of the art.