Traveling and Hotels

Traveling and Hotels

The travel and tourism industry is a global business. The industry provides opportunities for careers in hotels, travel agents, tour guides, convention center employees, cruise line workers and more. BMCC’s Hospitality, Travel and Tourism (HTT) program prepares students for these and other positions in the industry.

Taking time away from work and daily routine to enjoy vacations, weekend getaways or visiting family can improve your mental and physical health. According to research, people who take frequent trips report lower stress levels and are more likely to feel happy. Traveling also promotes social connection, as you spend quality time with loved ones and make new friends. Taking more vacations can even lead to better performance at your job.

Traveling offers an opportunity to expand your cultural awareness, learn a new language and experience different cuisines. In addition, it can help you overcome fear of the unknown. This is why many people travel to places they have never been before. Traveling and vacations can also be an opportunity to explore your spirituality, as you learn about new cultures and customs.

There are several ways to save money when booking hotel rooms, including using discount websites like Priceline and Travelocity. Also, you can often find better rates during the offseason when hotels are less busy. Another option is to book with a hotel that offers a loyalty program. These programs reward loyal customers with discounts and bonus points. Loyalty members can also benefit from exclusive offers not available to the general public.

When searching for a hotel, it’s important to consider its location. The closer a hotel is to popular attractions, the more expensive it will be. If you’re willing to drive a bit farther from the action, you can find much more affordable options.

A great resource to use before booking a hotel is Tripadvisor. This website features reviews from real travelers, and it includes candid photos to show what a hotel actually looks like. In addition to hotel reviews, you can also find recommendations for restaurants and activities.

Lastly, you can try to save money on your hotel stay by prepaying for it. Most hotels will offer discounted rates for rooms that are prepaid in advance. However, it’s essential to note that prepaid hotel room rates are usually nonrefundable. So, you should only do this if you’re confident that your plans won’t change. It’s also a good idea to check out The Points Guy website before making your reservation to stay up-to-date on the latest tips, awards and bonus point offerings. This site is run by Brian Kelly, a traveling expert who has extensive knowledge of earning rewards miles and free hotel stays.