Business Services

Business Services

Intangible in nature

Intangible in nature business services differ from tangible products in two important ways: production and consumption. While tangible products are tangible, services are intangible and cannot be stored or transported. In addition, unlike tangible products, services cannot be measured. Take, for example, the services offered by a restaurant. A restaurant sells food. A customer can physically touch and feel the food, but he or she cannot see the packaging or its price.

Similarly, business services that are intangible must be marketed in a way that makes them appear more tangible to potential customers. Intangible business services, like coaching classes, can be difficult to market because the success of the service depends on the students. To attract customers, a restaurant must demonstrate that its products or services can give good results.


If you have skills and talents to share with other people, you can consider offering these services as supportive business services. These can range from accounting and bookkeeping to creative projects, including websites and other online spaces. You can even turn your hobbies into extra income by opening a brick-and-mortar or online shop. Supportive business services can be offered to businesses, institutions, or even government agencies.


The Internal Business Services department provides accounting, centralized purchasing, and customer service to support the school district’s internal operations. It also maintains records required for official audits. Internal Business Services is also responsible for budget control and creative financing. The department also works with the county office of education to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

One of the most important aspects of internal customer service is the ability to quickly resolve customer complaints. An unresolved issue creates a bad atmosphere and lowers morale among staff.


Productive Business Services, LLC is a business support firm that offers a range of services to small businesses, executives and individuals. The company provides assistance in marketing, operations and customer service. Its products and services include printing, computers, phones, paper, and related supplies. In addition, it offers managed print services and facilities management services.

The goal of Productive Business Services is to meet or exceed client expectations, which means providing efficient and productive business services. This means completing tasks within the agreed upon time frame.